About Us

Keep Shine Building Maintenance was born from the vision of entrepreneur Jerry Tavares, who has always been willing to invest in services related to quality management of large companies. The company began renovating buildings and nowadays it has a major presence in the industrial maintenance area with large contracts in Toronto, Mississauga and Guelph. In 2019 begins a new phase of expansion serving other cities and other provinces in Canada. Keep Shine's mission is to bring the highest quality in the services performed, its premise is to efficiently meet the goals and goals of each client, aiming at the development of the local community in order to keep the environment in harmony. All of the company's practices are oriented towards the sustainable development of activities, preserving the environment, raising awareness of the community and allowing the continuous movement of the local economy.

Our maintenance and cleaning services are specialized in several areas, serving the diversities of our customers in industrial, commercial and residential environments. Below you can find the checklist of places where Keep Shine Building Maintenance is able to perform with precision and quality the services offered.

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